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Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions Are The Most Interesting And Must Be Visited

Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions Are The Most Interesting And Must Be Visited

Riau Archipelago tourist attractions, especially marine tourism, such as islands, beaches and both the underwater world. However, historical or cultural tourism is also very popular in the Riau Archipelago, one of which is on Penyengat Island, the birthplace of the Indonesian language.

Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions is one of the destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. Because the Riau Islands are indeed the gateway to world tourism after Bali. Therefore, it is not surprising that many foreign tourists visit every year. Especially considering the variety of tourist objects owned by the Riau Archipelago Province. And nearly 1.5 to 2 million foreign tourists visit the Riau Archipelago every year. Such as sea tourism or islands with beautiful beach clusters to attract tourists to come. Do not forget that there are many cultural reserves or cultural and historical tours which are also alternatives or sweet destinations for the Riau Archipelago. And here are the various tourist attractions in the Riau Islands which are quite famous and always amaze visitors when they come to visit.

Bintan Tourist Attractions

One of the tourist attractions in the Riau Archipelago is the Riau Islands provincial head office which is located in Bintan district. Bintan is also the largest island in the Riau archipelago province. Several tourist attractions in Bintan Regency are enough to attract the attention of tourists. And one of them is marine tourism which is very famous abroad, namely Lagoi beach. Below is a list of tourist attractions in Bintan that will captivate visitors who come to visit.

Air Adventures Bintan Aeroclub

One of the leading tourist attractions in the Riau Archipelago is Air Adventures Bintan Aeroclub. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Bintan Regency from above. This open seaplane is ready to take you to the skies of Bintan Regency. The range for each package is around 400,000, you can already enjoy flights with open planes. The location for the Air Adventures Flight Club tour is precisely in Sebong Bay, Sebong Lagoi.

Mount Bintan Waterfall

The location of Mount Bintan Waterfall is right at the foot of Mount Bintan. Even though this tourist spot is well laid out and maintained. But still has a very natural beauty. The black stone decoration of the waterfall adds to the beauty of the Gunung Bintan waterfall. It is not surprising that this waterfall has become a tourist attraction in the Riau Islands which is quite popular, especially for residents of Bintan Regency. The tourist attraction of the Mount Bintan waterfall is located in Teluk Bintan sub-district, precisely in the village of Bintan Buyu.

Lengkuas Mountain Waterfall

This Riau Archipelago tourist spot is located exactly in East Bintan District, Gunung Lengkuas Village which is very quaint. It can be seen very clearly by the presence of sturdy black stone blocks in the form of stairs with a height of about 5m. Even though the water is not too heavy, visitors feel at home under the waterfall shower. And even more interesting, near the Lengkuas mountain waterfall there is a swimming pool that is quite large, especially for tourists who want to feel the cool mountain water.

Aroma River Spa

Bintan has a very different tourist destination, Aroma River Spa. Not just an ordinary hot tub, but this hot tub really has a great view. With its location between the mangroves and floating on the river, Aroma River Spa is not only a spa but also a tourist destination. Riau Archipelago tourist attractions are completely different, after tourists enjoy the beauty of rivers and mangrove forests, often after treatment or relaxation. Aroma River Spa Resort is located in Telok Dalam, precisely at Jalan Trikora Km.5.5.

Clam Hill

One of the historical tours which is also a mainstay of Bintan Regency is Shell Hill. This Shell Hill is about 12 meters high and almost all of it contains shells which are almost all hardened or petrified. Based on research, this Shell Hill exists because of prehistoric human activities that consumed food such as sea shells. This tourist spot in the Riau Archipelago has become a cultural heritage because in Indonesia there is little evidence of prehistoric human remains. The Bukit Clam tourist location is in Toapaya Asri, Toapaya District.

Sand Dunes

This popular tourist spot in the Riau Archipelago is located in the village of Busung or the Tanjung Pinan – Bintan shortcut. This dune used to be a dead old sand mining site and is now a unique tourist attraction in Bintan Regency. This sand dune is perfect for selfie lovers and is certainly very instagrammable. The contours of the dunes are spooky and the white sand makes it a cool place to take selfies.

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Calypso Floating Bar and Kelong Seafood Restaurant

A very different feeling when you have a panoramic view of the beach and accompanied by typical Bintan seafood dishes will make your stay even more perfect. Tourist attractions in the Riau Archipelago are indeed very different. A floating cafe and restaurant right above the beach that offers not only stunning beach views and clear blue waters, but also absolutely delicious seafood and wine dishes. The location of Calypso Floating Bar and Kelong Seafood Restaurant is in Bintan Resort, precisely on Jalan Panglima Bantar.

Blue Lake

Selfies are allowed and definitely Instagramable, this is Telaga Biru. This Riau Islands resort is very beautiful with the blue color of the water making it very beautiful. This blue lake was originally an old sand quarry and even today there is still a sand quarry in this lake. But tourists keep coming because Blue Lake is indeed the best place for selfies. This Blue Lake tourist spot is located in the village of Mount Kijang.

LAM Bintan Building

The Malay Traditional Academy building was magnificently built and now serves as an office as well as a meeting place. Apart from that, the LAM Bintan building is also sometimes used as a place for wedding anniversaries. Architecturally, this tourist spot in the Riau archipelago has traditional Malay architecture with thick walls and decorations. And for the location of the LAM Bitnan building is in Kijang Kota.

Busung Bridge

One of the popular new tourist attractions in Bintan is the Busung Bridge. When the day begins to dive, there will be many visitors, especially local tourists, taking advantage of the weak sunlight that is starting to fade. Also at night, lighting decorations are the main dish at Busung Bridge. This tourist spot in the Riau archipelago can indeed be an alternative to seeing the sunset or trying estuarine fishing.

Panglong Tourism Village

One of the cultural tourism spots in Bintan Regency is Panglong Tourism Village. In this village, many sea tribes live with different customs and traditions. When you come to Panglong tourist village, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the countryside which is located right by the sea, and what is very unique about this tourist destination in the Riau archipelago is the Charcoal Stove. used to make charcoal. The shape is very similar to an Eskimo house or a Jogja dome.

The legendary ship MV Doulos Phos

Bintan Regency does not only offer maritime tourism but also historical tourism such as the legendary MV Doulos Phos ship. So far, the ship which was built 2 years before the Titanic is still intact. This place has even become a tourist spot in Riau which is loved by many foreign tourists. The legendary ship MV Doulos Phos is the oldest passenger ship in the world recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. And it looks like this ship will be renovated into a star hotel which is quite unique and has never existed in the world. This legendary MV Doulos Phos ship tourist destination is located at the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

Tomb of the 7 Princesses of the Kingdom of Bintan

Unique and Magical At the Tomb of 7 Princesses of the Kingdom of Bintan in Bukit Batu, there are actually only 6 tombs, but one of them cannot be seen specifically, only with the inner eye. Even so, not everyone can see it. And these are the seven daughters of the Sriwijaya royal entourage in Bintan in 12 AD and they were the forerunners of the Malay kingdom. Currently, the Tomb of the Seven Princesses of the Kingdom of Bintan is a tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago which is visited by many pilgrims.

Tomb of Sultan Abdullah Muayatsyah

Even though Pula Tampelan is the outermost island, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a long history. Tambelan Island was also the center of government for the Sultanate of Johor in 1623. This is further strengthened by the many historical sites including the tomb of Sultan Abdullah Muayatsyah. He is the Sultan of Johjor IV. Uniquely, his tomb is made of sea stone and is located in Batu Lepuk Village, Tambelan District. Currently his tomb has become a tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago which includes historical tours for pilgrims.

Pink Mosque

This mosque is actually named Masjid An-Nur but most tourists or the general public call it the Pink Mosque. This is because the color pink dominates the exterior color of the mosque and also the interior. The architecture of this Middle Eastern-style mosque is also very beautiful. Finally, the Pink Mosque is a tourist hotspot in the Riau Archipelago, especially as a religious tourism destination. The location of the Pink Mosque is in Kawal Village, Gunung Kijang District.

Baitul Makmur Great Mosque

One of the tourist attractions in the Riau Archipelago which is included in religious tourism is the Baitul Makmur Grand Mosque which is located in Tanjung Uban, North Bintan Regency. Although this mosque is not an old mosque of its kind, it is a mosque with beautiful architecture. Especially with the gardens around the mosque and the colorful decorations on the ground, it makes the Baitul Makmur Great Mosque look very beautiful and artistic.

Deer Mini Zoo

This Riau Archipelago tourist spot is quite unique because it has the theme of a mini zoo which is located in the village of Kijang in East Bintan district. Even though it’s mini, the animal collection is quite complete, there are deer, peacocks, peacocks and other animals. Mini Zoo Kijang is also equipped with parks and playgrounds that make tourists feel at home. Mini Deer Zoo is indeed very suitable for family tourism, especially for children, it can be used as an educational place.

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Historic Site and Kijang Bauxite Mine Relief

The construction of the Kijang Bauxite Mine Historical Monument and Relief is historical evidence that bauxite was first discovered in Kijang City, East Bintan Regency. In 1920 it was discovered by the Dutch and then pursued by PT. Antam Tbk. But now it is over and a memorial has been erected as proof that it used to be the largest bauxite mine in Bintan. Inside this monument there are monuments and heavy mining vehicles. This tourist spot in the Riau archipelago is located precisely in the city of Kijang on Jalan Trikora.

Lagoi Beach

Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions Are The Most Interesting And Must Be Visited - Lagoi Beach

Anyone who comes to Lagoi Beach will be amazed by the beauty of Lagoi Beach. It is the main beach which is a tourist attraction in the Riau archipelago which is loved by many people. The beach is very clean, the wide white sand and the color of the blue sea water make visitors feel more at home. Lagoi Beach can also be considered a luxurious beach, because on this beach there are many luxury resorts. The location of Lagoi Beach is in the North Bintan sub-district.

Lancang Kuning Beach

Almost the same as other beaches in Bintan Regency. White sand beach and blue sea water, with coconut trees and cypress trees. However, there is something interesting about Lancang Kuning beach, namely that there is a small island right in front of the beach which is only a few hundred meters away. On a small island, it can be a fishing spot or just a panoramic view of the beach from elsewhere. This tourist spot in the Riau Islands does not have water games and the facilities are incomplete, so you need to bring enough equipment to visit Lancang Kuning Beach.

Loola Beach

This beach is actually managed by Loola Resort so that the cleanliness of the beach is very well maintained. Apart from being supported by a beautiful beach setting, as well as the existence of a floating resort, it looks more exotic. In this Riau Archipelago tourist attraction there are water games such as kayaks that will take visitors around the small islands right in front of the beach. However, tourists cannot explore Loola Beach, as it is a private beach managed by Loola Resort.

Nirwana Gardens Beach

This beach is right next to Nirwana Resort, really very clean and supported by clean sand so it looks even more perfect. In the Nirwa Gardens Beach area, many foreign tourists visit this beach managed by Nirwana Resort. The combination of white sand with blue sea and decorative rocks on the beach makes this tourist destination in the Riau archipelago increasingly attractive to foreign tourists.

Sakera Beach

One of the tourist attractions in Riau, precisely in Bintan, which has adequate facilities, is Sakera Beach. The exact location is in Tanjung Uban. Not enough to swim, bathe or play white sand. Tourists will be spoiled with lots of water walks and beautiful panoramas. One of the most frustrating things for tourists on Sakera Beach is the scary sunset panorama.

Sebong Pereh Beach

Sebong Pereh Beach is steep, white sand and blue sea which has the opportunity to attract tourists to come. The availability of water games such as banana boats is increasingly attracting tourists to enjoy this tourist spot in the Riau Islands. The existence of a gazebo with rows of coconut trees on the beach is the best place to enjoy the panorama of Sebong Pereh beach. The presence of large rocks on the beach adds to the exotic beauty of Sebong Pereh Beach.

Segiling Beach

Not only Lagoi Beach or Trikora Beach but very unique and included in Bintan Regency. But this Segiling beach offers a completely different panorama. Rows of coconut trees on the beach and large rocks on several shorelines add to the exotic beauty of Segiling Beach. This tourist destination in Riau is perfect for swimming, because the water here is very clear. This Segiling Beach tourist spot is located in the village of Sri Bintan, precisely in the village of Segiling.

Tanjung Berakit Beach

The view of Tanjung Berakit Beach is slightly different from other beaches in Bintan Regency. Tanjung Berakit Beach is very close to the port so you can not only enjoy the beautiful beach panorama, but also see the ferries that pass through the port of Tanjung Berakit. This tourist spot in the Riau archipelago has a very blue sea color combined with clean white sand that looks very luxurious. and even the shady trees on the beach keep the atmosphere cool. Location of Tanjung Berakit Beach in Teluk Sebong District.

Trikora Beach

No less exotic with Lagoi Beach. Trikora Beach has a long coastline with white sand and gentle waves. The panorama is always beautiful, with several rocks protruding from the beach, adding to the beauty of the quaint Trikora Beach. The clear blue sea water invites visitors to feel the sweetness of Trikora beach water. The tourist attraction of Trikora Beach is located in Gunung Kijang Sub-District, Meeting Village of Malang.

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Sandy Island

Many people call it the White Sand Island because almost the entire Sand Based Island is dominated by white sand. Of course, this Riau Archipelago tourist spot is truly exotic because of its white and clean sand. But not only that, the underwater beauty of this island will amaze you, the variety of fish and coral reefs will fascinate visitors with their beauty. The location of Grounded Sand Island is in the Bakau Bay area and only 20-30 minutes by speedboat from the Bakau Bay port.

Kelong Island

You have to use a speedboat or pom pom boat that departs from Kijang Kota and takes about 1 hour of travel. On Kelong Island, you will see a lush mangrove forest by the beach. And sometimes it is used by anglers as the best fishing spot because the fish are also quite large. In addition, tourists can also learn more about the customs and traditions of the people of Kelong Island. This tourist spot in the Riau Archipelago really needs government exposure to attract more tourists to Kelong Island.

Mapur Island

Judging from the size of the island, maybe not as big as the other islands in Bintan Regency. But the exoticism is no less beautiful, decorated with shady trees and large rocks that make Mapus Island even more pleasing to the eye. The large number of tourists visiting the tourist attractions of the Riau Islands want to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea. Starting from snorkeling to diving or just enjoying the panorama of Mapur Island. To reach the location of Mapur Island, you can take a speedboat from Pelantar Indah Kijang which is only 30 minutes away.

Nicoi Island

Nikoi Island is located quite close to Sand-Based Island and was named The Best Private Island 2016. This is a tourist spot in the Riau Islands that is the mainstay of Bintan Regency. And many foreign tourists stay at expensive resorts on Nikoi Island. The natural panorama is truly stunning, coupled with the exotic beauty of the underwater world. So it’s only natural that Nikoi Island is one of the best islands in Bintan Regency.

Pangkil Island

This is a private island belonging to Bintan Regency, but seems to be managed by the private sector or Pangkil Resort. Visitors have to spend more if they want to travel to Pangki Island. At least up to tens of millions to rent the entire island for 3 days 2 nights. This Riau Archipelago tourist site offers something different. So when you rent this island, there will be no other residents on Pangkil Island. And the most interesting thing is that all the facilities are really provided on Pangkil Island. From freshwater lakes, accommodation, equipment, diving equipment, surfing, there are islands with white sand and beautiful beaches.

Piersuk Island

You need to use a motor boat to get to Serangan Island. You can depart from Trikora beach, it only takes about 40 minutes. This Riau Archipelago tourist destination is indeed quite famous for its underwater beauty. You can enjoy various colors and types of fish as well as the uniqueness of the coral reefs. Piersuk Island can be considered as a hidden paradise because this island is uninhabited and still a very natural and beautiful natural landscape.

Tambelan Island

One of the remote islands that are still in the Bintan Regency area is directly adjacent to the South China Sea. Even the tourism potential of Tambelan Island is truly astonishing. In this tourist spot in the Riau Archipelago, you can enjoy the beach yourself, because it is still rarely visited by tourists and only local residents. Not to mention the unspoiled beauty of the seabed. Indeed, the distance from Tanjung Pinang is about 300 km, so tourists rarely visit Tambelan Island.

The peak of Mount Bintan

Unlike other mountains in Indonesia, the peak of Mount Bintan does not exceed 500 meters or about 400 meters. But even though it’s not high, the panorama is truly extraordinary. From the green hills, from the blue sea to the beautiful sunsets. In addition, the tourist attractions of the Riau Islands include Mount Bintan Waterfall and durian plantations, which in certain seasons are very cheap.

Ria Bintan Golf Club

Sports besides tourism, this is what Ria Bintan Golf Club has to offer. This golf course is next to the beach, so the view is very special. Ria Bintan Golf Club is one of the international standard golf courses. And what is even more spectacular is being able to attract golf lovers from abroad who always come to Ria Bintan Golf. And usually these are tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. The location of this tourist attraction in Riau is precisely in Sebong Lagoi in the Teluk Sebong district.

Kara Town Site

This is a site that has left a history that is almost forgotten, although the Kota Kara Site is one of the proofs that there was a kingdom before the Islamic sect empire did not attack Bintan Island. The kingdom of Bintan is said to have been founded around 1100 with a king named Raja Asyhar Aya. So this kingdom was first established before the kingdoms of Johor, Melaka, Riau and others. Today, the site of the city of Kara is a tourist attraction in the Riau archipelago, frequented by historians and researchers as well as tourists who wish to learn more about the history of Bintan.

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