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Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions: Tourist Attractions in Karimun

Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions: Tourist Attractions in Karimun

Although most of the tourist attractions of the Riau Archipelago are marine tourism or beach tourism. But for Karimun Regency, the tourist destinations are quite diverse, moreover Karimun has a long history in the past. As the territory of the Srivijaya Kingdom in the 13th century to the Malacca Kingdom in the mid-14th century, Karimun Regency certainly has many interesting cultural heritages to visit. And here are some of the most visited tourist attractions by tourists.

Tourist Attractions in Karimun

Ponkar Waterfall

The location of this tourist spot in the Riau archipelago is not far from Pongkar beach and also at the foot of Mount Jantan. Might need a bit of an adventurous spirit as the location is quite far from the nearest village and in the middle of a forest. But there’s no need to worry because the entrance is pretty good and the towering trees will accompany your adventure. Pongkar Waterfall is not too heavy, but what is most interesting is the water which is very clean with a large artificial pool decorated with green plants on the edges. Pongkar Waterfall is located in Tebing District, Pongkar Village.

Tanjung Balai Coastal Area

One of the leading tourist attractions in Karimun Regency is the Tanjung Balai Coastal Area. With a charming panoramic view of the beautiful beach and various facilities available, ranging from places to eat, children’s playgrounds, shops all in one. Especially at night, the strange beauty of the sea will be more clearly felt with the dimming of the lights and the night breeze blowing from the beach, making this tourist spot in the Riau archipelago always crowded with tourists.

Lambo Bridge

A very different view while on the Pelambong Bridge. The Pelambong Bridge is made of wood and is used to anchor fishing boats. For photography lovers, this Riau Archipelago tourist attraction can be the best place for shooting, because of the uniqueness of the bridge. Apart from that, interesting tourist sites are also quite close to the Pelambong Bridge, namely Pelawan beach which is located in Pangke, Meral, Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Kumitir’s Flying Tomb

One of the Karimun graves, to be precise, in the Kundur sub-district, Sawang Laut village, is often visited by pilgrims. Apart from being a cultural heritage, it is also a tourist hotspot for the Riau Archipelago that you must visit. Because Kite Kumitir is very helpful in spreading Islam. At that time, people sent by Sunan Wali Songo came from Java to spread Islam in Karimun. and pilgrims come not only from within the country, but also from Malaysia and Singapore.

Seraga Ancestral Tomb

Another cultural heritage site in Karimun Regency which is now a tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago and is often visited by pilgrims is the Seraga Ancestral Tomb. According to the story, a husband named Friday was ordered by his pregnant wife to look for a white deer. But while hunting, he never found a deer with white fur, only yellow or brown. And for years the husband lived in the forest until his body was petrified with age. And finally buried at the place of death by the king’s bodyguard. And until now, Seraga’s ancestral tomb is still regularly visited by pilgrims to pray for him.

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Badang’s grave

This Riau Archipelago Tourist Attraction is included in historical tourism which tells of a very powerful and knowledgeable person. Si Badang was a warrior of the prosperous 14th century Linga kingdom. The most unique thing is that the length of Si Badang’s tomb is quite long, almost reaching 3 meters. During certain seasons, quite a number of pilgrims visit Si Badang’s tomb. Si Badang’s place to eat is on the island of Buru or the district of Buru.

Great Mosque of Karimun

The Great Mosque of Karimun has a large courtyard overgrown with palm trees which adds to the splendor of this mostly green mosque. The architecture of the mosque which has a Middle Eastern style and also a Malay touch makes this mosque so iconic. Not only is it a place for bartering for Muslims, but it is also a tourist spot in the Riau Archipelago, especially religious tourism. The location of the Great Mosque of Karimun is in the heart of Tanjung Balai City, Karimun.

Baiturrahman Mosque

Your religious visit will not be complete without stopping by the Baiturrahman Mosque. The combination of architecture and color of this mosque is so beautiful that it imitates the designs of mosques in the Middle East. Apart from being a place of worship for Muslims, the Baiturrahman Mosque itself is also a tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago, especially for religious tourism. Some tourists from outside Karimun visit the Baiturrahman Mosque in the center of Tanjung Balai.

Raja Haji Abdul Gani Mosque

This is the oldest mosque in the Karimun kingdom and the second oldest mosque in the Riau archipelago province. The Raja Haji Abdul Gani Mosque is said to have Chinese architecture, as can be seen from the shape of the minarets of the mosque. And the Raja Haji Abdul Gani Mosque was built around 1883 and still triumphed in the era of the Riau Lingga kingdom. And so far, apart from being used as a place of worship, the Raja Haji Abdul Gani Mosque has also become a tourist spot in the Riau Islands, especially religious tourism for Muslims. The location of the Raja Haji Abdul Gani Mosque is in Buru Regency.

Al Mubarak Grand Mosque

The foundation stone of this mosque building was built in 1873 by the grandson of Raja Haji Fisabilillah, namely Raja Abdullah bin Raja Ahmad Engku Tuah. Even though it is hundreds of years old, the Great Mosque of Al Mubarak is still standing strong today, although some parts of the mosque have been renovated. Judging from the architecture of the mosque, it is clear that there are strong Malays on the sides. This Riau Islands tourist spot is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia and the third oldest mosque in the Riau Islands Province.

Air Dagang Beach

Riau Archipelago Tourist Attractions: Tourist Attractions in Karimun - Air Dagang Beach

This tourist destination has beautiful beaches that are still very natural. Not even many tourists come to Air Dagang beach. The mystery is clearly visible from the clean white sand beaches and blue, as well as the small hills that add to the beauty of Air Dagang beach. This tourist spot in the Riau archipelago is still in the Moro district, on Sugi Bawah Island to be precise.

Batu Limau Beach

Batu Limau Beach has its own uniqueness and is very different from other white sand beaches. But this Batu Limau beach fills the beach, and the shape is also very unique, some resemble male and female genitalia, and also like a cabin. The formation of these stones due to ancient carvings or based on legends about these stones. To get to the tourist attractions of the Riau Islands, namely the Ungar sub-district, Batu Limau village, you need to use a motorized boat that departs from the port of Tanjung Batu.

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Ivory Coast

Slightly different from other Karimun Regency beaches. Ivory Coast has quite large rocks along the coast. In addition, in this tourist spot in the Riau archipelago there are stone steps leading to an ancient tomb, sometimes the number of steps varies. To get to this Ivory Coast tourist spot, you need to take a boat from Tanjung Balai to Kundur Island and then continue by using a land vehicle.

Lubuk Beach

This beach has another feature, namely the presence of rather large rocks that line up naturally on the beach, which adds to the strangeness of Lubuk Beach. White sand and straight coconut trees make Lubuk Beach even more charming. Apart from that, this Riau Archipelago tourist spot is also equipped with a gazebo on the beach. So you can still enjoy the panorama of Lubuk beach without fear of overheating. The Lubuk beach tourist attraction is located in the Kundur sub-district, Lubuk village to be precise.

Pelawan Beach

The most special thing about Pelawan Beach is the density of trees on the beach. So you can still enjoy the beach panorama in the shade without fear of overheating. Pelawan Beach which has white sand also offers various types of water games such as banana boat and others. Naturally, Pelawan Beach will later become a tourist spot in Riau which is quite popular with the people of Karimunjawa. The location of Pelawan Beach is in Pangke, Meral Regency.

Ponkar Beach

In contrast to Pelawan Beach which is located west of Karimunjawa. This Pongkar Beach tourist attraction is located on the east side of Karimun, precisely in the Tebing sub-district, in Pongkar village. What’s interesting about this tourist spot in the Riau Islands is the straight line of pine trees on the beach, making Pongkar beach even more exotic. Especially with the white color of the sand, it makes visitors feel at home while enjoying the panoramic view of Pongkar beach. The water games are also quite complete, one of which is a banana boat and others.

Moro Island Beach

Still in the same area as Telunas Island, Moro Island Beach also has an extraordinary panorama. Especially when the sun goes down, the weak sunlight starts to fade, making the beach on Moro Island look strange. This Riau Archipelago tourist spot is located on Moro Island which is often visited by tourists just to relax. Unspoiled white sand is the main attraction of Moro Island beach.

Bone Island Beach

Pulau Tulang is not far from Tanjung Balai and only takes a few minutes by speedboat. The coast of Bone Island is actually still very beautiful, with lots of coconut trees on the beach making the beaches of Pulau Pulau look very foreign. and what’s even more interesting, you can buy fish very cheaply on this beach. Because most of the population are fishermen. This tourist attraction in the Riau archipelago has tremendous potential, although until now it has not been visited by many tourists.

Sawang Beach

One of the alternative tourist attractions in Karimun Regency is Sawang Beach. This beach is relatively quiet, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a stunning panorama. As the day progresses, the exoticism of Sawang Beach comes into play with the fading sunlight. This tourist spot in the Riau archipelago is located in Sawang Village, West Kundur District.

Tanjung Ambar Beach

This beach is still very natural, not even popular among tourists. Even though Tanjung Ambar beach has such a special allure. For example, clean white sand, clear blue sea decorated with a little coral, looks even more attractive. You can enjoy this tourist spot in the Riau Islands while drinking fresh coconut ice, because there are lots of coconuts on the beach. Tanjung Ambat beach resort is located in Lubuk Puding village, Buru district.

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Tanjung Melolo Beach

This tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago is the best place for fishing, because many big fish inhabit the Tanjung Melolo Beach area. Tanjung Melolo Beach is located in Pangke Village, West Meral District and is always empty of visitors. So you can freely enjoy the beauty of Melolo beach with white sand and clear blue sea, quiet, feels like a hidden beach.

Timun Beach

The panorama of Timun Beach is quite alluring, not only the blue sea and white sand. But the view of the two islands right in front of it makes this Timun beach a little different. Trees by the sea along with gazebos or huts underneath will make visitors even more satisfied while relaxing on Timun Beach. This Riau Archipelago tourist attraction is located in West Kundur sub-district, Desar Kundur.

Tanjung Hutan Hot Springs

If you look at the geographical conditions that are not mountainous or mountainous, but having a hot spring in the village of Tanjung Hutan is quite unique. And what makes visitors even more comfortable is that the Tanjung Hutan hot spring does not smell of sulfur. Tourist attractions in the Riau Archipelago are still very beautiful. You can also enjoy the natural panorama of the Tanjung Hutan village which is located in the Buru district area.

Pasir Panjang Inscription

One of the historical evidences that Karimun was also part of the Sriwijaya Kingdom is the Pasir Panjang Inscription. The inscription has six lines in the Lantsa script and was probably composed between 900 and 1000 AD. This tourist destination in the Riau archipelago has become a cultural heritage and has also become a series of Buddhist religious activities. Even many foreign tourists like India who come to Karimun just to visit the Pasir Panjang inscription. The tourist spot for the Pasir Panjang inscription is located in West Meral sub-district, precisely in the village of Pasir Panjang.

Telunas Island

All the beauty is felt on Telunas Island. From beautiful sunrises and unique sunsets to white sands and clear blue sea, you can enjoy it while on Telunas Island. Not to mention the natural beauty under the sea, various types of fish and coral reefs that are still very beautiful are displayed on Telunas Island. To get to this tourist spot in the Riau archipelago, you have to use a motorized boat which takes 1 hour from Tanjung Balai.

Peak of Mont Jantan

Before reaching the top, you will be presented with a truly unique natural panorama. The forest is still very natural with towering trees. And also crossing the Pongkar waterfall as a resting place before reaching the top of Mount Jantan. Coming to Puncak, you will enjoy the beauty of the city of Tanjung Balai and Pongkar beach, as well as a stretch of green trees. This tourist destination in the Ria Islands is indeed a favorite destination for adventurers.

Dharma Dwiepa Temple

Apart from being a place of worship for Chinese citizens, this oldest pagoda in the Moro subdivision is also a tourist attraction in the Riau archipelago. Indeed, Dharma Dwiepa Temple is one of the oldest monasteries in Karimun Regency and also in Moro Regency. This temple looks very cool because in the courtyard of the temple there is a very big and old tree.

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